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Wood Carving Patterns

Wood carving is one of the most exciting and enjoyable ways to spend one’s “downtime”. Downtime, however, is a […]

Coffee Table Plans

Coffee table plans, either free or sold as a craft instruction set, can help you make the perfect coffee […]

Wood Working Patterns

You might think that many wood workers will just carve the various items that they make just off the […]

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Woodcraft Supplies

For the woodworker, a ready supply of the various materials that are needed is a necessity. To make sure […]

Free Patterns Wood Crafts

Wood crafts can be seen in different countries around the world. In many of these countries the wood crafts […]

Carving Wood

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine named Dan. Dan was an expert when it […]


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Woodcraft Patterns

As every wood worker knows there are very few wood workers who have the ability to correctly make a piece of furniture or other wood items from scratch without any woodcraft patterns. These patterns have been carefully designed so that all aspects of creation are thought of. When you look at these woodcraft patterns you can almost see how the wood craft item will look as it has completed. Woodcraft patterns help both the experienced and novice woodcraft worker to keep track of the various things that […]

Woodcraft Magazine

For many people making beautiful objects with their hands is a pleasurable way to spend their free time. This is probably why you will see so many people working at various hand crafts. While many of these hand crafts can bring pleasure to the person who is making them there are a few that bring compliments from others. Since you will find many people interested in woodworking it makes sense to see a woodcraft magazine lying on the living room table. For these woodcraft lovers being able […]

Types of Wood

Whenever we look at the different pieces of wood furniture that are shown in furniture stores or in our homes these wood furnishings all look the same in color and texture. This is because we see only the smooth brown color that is seen on the surface of the furniture, which in many cases is the polish that has been applied. There is more to wood furniture than just a brown colored wood. Each of these pieces of wood items and furnishing are made from different types […]

Wood Carving Tools

Woodcarving is one of the most exciting hobbies that nearly any person, with the right wood carving tools, can become a part of. Woodcarving is not only fun, but it rewards the craftsman with a sense of accomplishment and entitlement that few other talents can instill. Many respectable people have fallen in love with the craft of woodcarving, including such historical mainstays as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Woodcarving is an art nearly as old as time itself, and there is much wisdom to be learned from […]